"I love walking into a bookstore. It’s like all my friends are sitting on shelves, waving their pages at me."
- Tahereh Mafi (via observando)

There is nothing I can do besides be the best person I can be to someone. If I am usually a short tempered angry person, when I see someone in need, or if I have a friend who needs someone, I will quickly become the calm, patient, and happy person they need. I will listen to your pain, your goals, your dreams. I will keep your chin up when you have trouble doing that. 

I deserve happiness too. I deserve someone to “give a shit” about me, without me pushing it towards their way. I deserve to have someone hold my chin up too, to make me laugh and listen to my goals as well. Don’t get me wrong I have GREAT friends. My absolute best friends are 4. They are all completely different, and although they may not always randomly ask me if I’m okay, I know they appreciate me and care for me because the love I give them is the love I get back. When I meet new people, I hope to make great bonds and friendships. I hope to make honest friends, people who enjoy my inner beauty, my mind, my jokes…people who want to hear my story. I find that all the time I want to be there for someone. I want to hear someones story and support them in any way. I want to be someones cheerleader and warmth. I want to love someone, anyone, like they deserve to be loved. But at the tender age of 23, I haven’t met someone who genuinely wants to have a good friendship. I’ve met people that come to stay because it’s convenient for them, then leave. It’s okay if people come and go, as long as I could’ve made someone feel good about themselves, I feel happy. 

But when people go because they don’t care. I don’t know I guess it hurts. I don’t expect people to care. But it’s quite nice to have people who do.

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A lot of times I go places to have alone time. Time to think, time to laugh, appreciate, and enjoy my own space. I love to eat food, observe people, and go around town at my own pace.

A lot of times I actually just don’t have anyone to share a cup of coffee with.

lonley lonliness alone friendship